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Become A Conversion Guru - The Easy and Healthy Way
The Conversion Program gives you the confidence to convert your own recipes. Here is what you get:
Four Webinars
From Mindset to converting recipes the healthy way.
Cooking Demonstrations
Watch me converting recipes "the first time" and learn the step-by-step approach.
Cheat Sheets and more
Cheat Sheets, shopping lists and assessments that make your life easier.
Secret Facebook Group
Become member of the Conversion Secrets Facebook Group and share your experiences, get tips and have fun.
Membership Area
Ongoing access to revisit all videos and other material whenever you want from any device you want.
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You get all of the above plus more bonuses (exclusive interview how to organise your pantry, a conversion sheet helping you to convert from Australian cups to grams). And we are adding even more videos shortly.

Do you like to cook your "old family recipes" in the Thermie way?

(30 days money back guarantee)

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